The True Duopoly: Apple and Google

The True Duopoly: Apple and Google

( – Debate has raged for a while now over the dominant positions Big Tech firms enjoy in their industry. Antitrust laws in other industries prevent single players from amassing too much influence, but they don’t operate in the same way when it comes to the big names in the IT space. Now, an independent competition watchdog in the UK has spoken out on the topic, singling out Apple and Google as the two biggest offenders in relation to the cell phone market.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has just published a report claiming Apple and Google have a duopoly in the cell phone market. This report notes that the two companies dominate the space by making it difficult for users to buy apps from app stores other than their own. They also require users to use their operating systems. Using these tools, the CMA claims, Apple and Google dictate the services their customers can access.

The report highlighted the fact that both Apple and Google pre-install browsers and other key apps on their devices, limiting user choice. Ultimately, this works against consumer interests, the report says.

Apple and Google both released statements in response to the report, claiming they’re committed to customer choice and welfare, and highlighted the benefits of their services for individuals and businesses.

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