The End of Firearms Sales? – There’s a Catch!

Hunters Fear the End of Firearms Sales Until a License is Approved

Hunters Fear the End of Firearms Sales Until a License is Approved

( – Since President Joe Biden took office, Second Amendment advocates and gun enthusiasts have been worried about whether their rights will remain intact. There are threats to the right to bear arms at the state level as well. In Oregon, gun users are currently worried they will no longer be able to buy weapons if the state government fails to implement a gun permit system.

During the midterm elections on November 8, the state’s voters approved Measure 114 by a thin margin. The new rule bans the sale of high-capacity magazines and requires everyone seeking to buy a weapon to get a permit, a process that involves firearm training. However, there is currently no framework in place to distribute these permits, and the new ban is set to take effect on December 8.

Many senior law enforcement officers in the state have taken a dim view of the new rule, with at least five sheriffs saying they will refuse to enforce it.

There’s a highly active sporting scene in Oregon; hunters are allowed to target cougars and black bears throughout the month of December. Should gun sales pause in the next few weeks, it would likely massively hamper hunters’ ability to operate immediately thereafter.

How do you think Oregon’s government should act to rectify this situation?

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