The Dangers of Incestuous Amplification

The Dangers of Incestuous Amplification

( – What is incestuous amplification, you might ask? If you’re an American with even a passing interest in politics and current affairs, you’re already familiar with the concept. Even if you’ve never heard the term before, you’ll have seen it in action countless times.

Let’s take an opportunity to look closer at incestuous amplification, as well as the dangers it poses to our society today.

What Is Incestuous Amplification?

The concept of incestuous amplification is also referred to as the “echo chamber” effect. When people have a certain point of view, they tend to gravitate toward others with the same point of view. The more they do this, the less they communicate with people who think differently.

Eliminating opposing views to a greater and greater extent reinforces their initial beliefs, thus further alienating them from those who think differently. Eventually, these people come to see opinions other than their own as abhorrent, refusing to entertain them for even a moment.

Why Is Incestuous Amplification a Danger to Us Today?

While incestuous amplification can occur in many different contexts, it becomes a matter of public concern when it seeps into policy discussions. If those in charge of making and enforcing laws refuse to engage with differences of opinion, large sections of society will go unrepresented.

We need leaders who can objectively listen to all kinds of voices to synthesize solutions that work for a majority of Americans. If we continue to support a system that pushes political camps further and further away from each other, progress on policies will grind to a halt.

What Can We Do?

Despite the fact more information is available to the general public than ever before, many people remain entirely resistant to viewpoints that clash with their own. While this is understandable on a human level, it’s a very dangerous trend.

If we want healthier, more productive discourse in the future, we need to encourage everyone to pay more attention to opinions with which they disagree and to research the basis of those points of view.

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