Texas Picks Trump, Ending Talk of “Blue Wave” in the Lone Star State

Texas Picks Trump, Ending Talk of

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Texas has long been a Republican stronghold, having picked a conservative presidential candidate in every election since 1976. Despite this, there was growing speculation about a Democratic surge in the state in the lead-up to this election.

On Tuesday, November 3, Texas’ voters revealed this speculation to be misguided. Donald Trump ended up taking the state comfortably, though it was closer than in some previous elections.

The president’s victory in Texas is part of a broad showing of Republican support in the state. Senator John Cornyn (R) retained his seat with over 53% of the vote, and congressional Republicans at the state level also performed well.

With 38 electoral votes, Texas is the most important state in the presidential election other than California. Had it turned blue in line with some predictions, Donald Trump would likely have found it impossible to gather enough support to reclaim the White House. Now that he’s succeeded in the Lone Star State, however, Joe Biden will have to look elsewhere for a route to victory.

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