Texas Governor Abbott State Address; Texas To Resume Building Border Wall

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott is scheduled to give his State of the State address as the Texas border crisis wears on with increasingly heated politics, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Republicans continue to accuse the Biden administration of weakness and faulty policy that they say fuels the increasing influx of migrants illegally crossing the U.S. Southern Border, Fox News reported.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R. Ky) has accused Biden of “propaganda” surrounding the border crossing influx, Fox News reported. In contrast, the Biden White House and Democrats said that Republicans should “look in the mirror” regarding the policy failures of the border crisis.

Abbott announced security measures crackdown for Texas. A border wall will be constructed, Fox News reported. Resuming construction of the border wall that will act as a security barrier around Texas was reportedly being finalized in late December. Abbott stated that it took “months” of 2022 to negotiate property buying and other important factors of resuming wall development.

Abbott also announced a state-wide ban on TikTok coming to Texas, amid growing national security concerns regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in the United States, the Texas Governor’s Office announced. TikTok is owned by the parent company ByteDance, a Chinese-state linked tech company.

A TikTok ban comes as Governor Abbott also joins other conservative leaders in banning Chinese-state-linked entities from purchasing farmland in the United States, The New York Times reported.

The border crisis has bled through to states outside of Texas. Arizona has proceeded with building a shipping container border wall to prevent the influx of migrants into the State. The Biden administration has sued Arizona over this

In January, New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited the Texas border to see firsthand the border crisis affecting New York. Mayor Adams had previously allowed migrants from the border to be bused to New York City for asylum. Adams has since addressed President Biden and the federal government requesting support, explaining that New York City has “no more room” to support migrants.

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