Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Wants To Break Up Google’s Advertising Monopoly

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Wants To Break Up Google's Advertising Monopoly

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Following the role they’ve recently played in our political discourse, most notably their banning of conservative accounts, there’s now an increased level of scrutiny on Big Tech firms. Several prominent lawmakers have voiced a desire to find ways to limit their power.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, is the latest conservative to voice an opinion on this topic. On Monday, February 1, he discussed Google’s market dominance with Breitbart News, saying legal action was necessary to break up their advertising monopoly.

Paxton explained the vast majority of online searches take place on Google. This grants it a massive advantage in other areas, like advertising. He accused Google of “taking over the market,” and using their power to unfairly manipulate consumers.

Paxton is already involved in a bid to remedy this situation. Backed by nine other states, Texas filed a lawsuit against Google in December, alleging anti-competitive conduct.

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