Tens of Thousands of Hunter Biden’s Emails Allegedly Released to the Public

Tens of Thousands of Hunter Biden’s Emails Allegedly Released to the Public

Hunter Biden TROVE Released – Trump Operatives Expose Him!

(RepublicanDaily.org) – For a man with no direct connection to elected politics, Hunter Biden’s name is one of the most hotly discussed in Washington, DC. President Joe Biden’s troubled son has been a major source of embarrassment for his father since even before he was elected to the White House. Now, even more damaging revelations about the younger Biden have surfaced.

Newsmax reported that Garrett Ziegler, a 26-year-old former aide to Trump administration economic adviser Peter Navarro, uploaded over 128,000 emails to a database this week. Ziegler did this through his own organization, which is called Marco Polo. The database, which appears to no longer be online, allowed users to search for and download specific items in the massive trove of incriminating content.

Those items included emails potentially linking then-Vice President Joe Biden to his son’s foreign business dealings, as well as messages about a meeting between Hunter Biden and the son of a Mexican billionaire. In the latter case, the emails appeared to indicate Joe Biden got the individual a visit to the White House and a place at a presidential inauguration ceremony.

The database did not include other material on Hunter Biden’s laptop, such as photos of him engaged in drug use and sex acts.

Marco Polo described the document release as equivalent to the “discovery of the Rosetta Stone,” due to the context it provided for Hunter Biden’s apparent misdeeds.

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