Ted Cruz Slams CDC As Discredited Institution

Ted Cruz Slams CDC As Discredited Institution

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccine has helped most areas of the US to resume normal life in the wake of the pandemic. However, several months into the rollout of vaccines, the discussion around them has become heavily politicized. Many liberal politicians have criticized those choosing to remain unvaccinated; last week, President Joe Biden went so far as to question their intelligence.

On Thursday, July 29, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed this kind of rhetoric during a fiery Senate speech. He targeted the CDC for its guidance around masks, questioning the group’s “absurd decision” to recommend indoor mask-wearing for fully vaccinated people and accusing it of having “discredited itself.” He highlighted the fact that such a step shouldn’t be necessary if vaccinations were effective.

He accused Democrats of treating vaccination and the pandemic as “a matter of politics” rather than science. He then stated Liberals were using fear around COVID-19 to “control your lives.”

This wasn’t the first time we’ve had cause to question the CDC’s approach to masks of late. Last week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) highlighted that the CDC and Democrats had reintroduced mask mandates for vaccinated people in some areas based on non-peer-reviewed data from India.

This all begs the question; why is the Biden administration so keen to keep everyone wearing masks?

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