Ted Cruz Has a Trump Issue – Says Something Unexpected!

Ted Cruz Criticizes Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Criticizes Donald Trump

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Since he left office, former President Donald Trump has remained a strong force in the Republican Party. However, while most GOP officials and voters still appear to back him, a sizable minority have issues with his conduct and policies. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just became the latest conservative to take issue with Trump.

Cruz took issue with Trump’s spending (or lack thereof) to help candidates in the midterm elections during an episode of “Verdict With Ted Cruz.” The Texas Republican highlighted that the former president had $100 million in campaign funding and alleged he was not spending enough to assist the election campaigns of candidates aligned with his way of thinking. At the same time, Cruz said, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was not spending money to assist MAGA candidates, only assisting moderate, anti-Trump Republicans.

Trump’s Save America PAC is currently under investigation by federal authorities. Those in charge of the probe have issued subpoenas seeking information about a range of the organization’s activities, including its fundraising, spending, and how it was set up.

Do you agree with what Ted Cruz said, or do you think he’s being unfair to the former president?

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