Taco Bell Employee Shot by Customer After Simple Mistake

(RepublicanDaily.org) – An employee for fast food chain Taco Bell sustained life-threatening injuries and is fighting to live after an irate customer opened fire in the restaurant after allegedly receiving the incorrect amount of change.

Police arrested 67-year-old Doll McLendon, who has been charged with inflicting serious injury, discharging a weapon into occupied property, as well as assault with a deadly weapon with an intent to kill, after he shot the fast food worker at one of Taco Bell’s locations in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Witnesses told police that the McLendon pulled up at the restaurant’s drive-thru, ordered food, and became exceedingly angry after he said the change for his purchase was short. The suspect then left the drive-thru and entered the premises, exhibited even more aggressive behavior, pulled out a firearm, and then started shooting. He then fled the scene of the crime. Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department who responded to the incident found the worker – who has not been named – at the site, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The said employee is still in the hospital receiving treatment as of press time.

Law enforcement officers were able to apprehend McLendon later using witness testimonies that enabled them to identify and track the suspect’s vehicle – which police say was a “distinctive model” – as well as through footage from security cameras. When police arrived at his residence, McLendon reportedly walked out of his home toward police and was arrested without further incident.

“The suspect walked out and surrendered,” the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department said.

Taco Bell’s corporate office sent out a statement to Fox Business saying that they were “shocked” by the incident, and indicated that the franchise owner and operator of the location where the shooting happened was completely cooperating with authorities and was also offering support to all staff who work at the restaurant.

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