Suspected Serial Killer’s Arrest Brings ‘Flood’ of New Evidence

( – Rex Heuermann of New York was charged with three murders a week ago, and police are now investigating his potential connection to more homicides across the United States.

Heuermann is a 59-year-old architect from New York City who is being accused of murdering three women around Long Island’s Gilgo Beach area in 2010. He was arrested away from his home, where police found over 200 weapons. Heuermann is pleading not guilty to the charges and is being held in custody awaiting his court hearing in the murders of prostitutes Amber Costello, Melissa Barthelemy and Megan Waterman. Heuermann is also suspect number one in the fourth Gilgo Beach murder of Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

Now, as the Gilgo Beach murder victims’ families await justice, police say they are also looking at other cold cases that authorities believe may be tied to Heuermann. According to authorities, Heuermann has a “connection” to Las Vegas and may be linked to unsolved murders in Sin City. In addition, police are combing through property owned by Heuermann in the town of Chester, South Carolina, including seizure of his vehicle which was at the property. Chester is located about an hour south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Individuals who crossed paths with Heuermann also report some disturbing details, including a woman named Nikki Brass who went out on a date with the accused killer about ten years ago when she was in her mid-20s. According to Brass, Heuermann was obsessed with the Gilgo Beach killings and she was very “weirded out” by him. She never went out with him again or spoke to him again but has come forward in the wake of the killings.

For the time being, Heuermann awaits his first court appearance on August 1, in what District Attorney Ray Tierney says is the Gilgo Beach murder cases, which the prosecution will be able to “prove” beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt including alleged cell tower evidence and DNA evidence from the victims. Heuermann’s lawyer Michael Brown says his client has no connection to the Gilgo Beach murders and that police are inexplicably going after him while ignoring stronger leads.

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