Supreme Court To Take on Case of Trump Hotel Records

( – The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a case on whether Congress minority members of both the House and the Senate can compel the Executive Branch to grant congressional investigators sensitive records, Politico reported. The Supreme Court will hear the case of whether the Congress minority members can “sue” to compel the Executive Branch to give them access to records on a hotel former President Donald Trump was operating in a historic structure in D.C., ABC News reported.

The court hearing is expected to be a high-stakes “political battle,” Courthouse News Service wrote on May 15. The case reportedly “implicates” the authority that Congress has to sue the federal government.

The court battle began with an agreement made in 2013 between the General Services Administration and the Trump Old Post Office LLC company, ABC reported. Trump bought the Old Post Office in December 2013, Washington Business Journal reported.

Supreme Court justices reportedly agreed to hear the case on Monday, May 15. The case follows Democrat-led efforts that began in 2017 when Democrats launched an inquiry into Trump’s hotel records, Politico reported. The investigation into Trump’s hotel records centered around Trump’s lease of the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C., to “operate his hotel,” Politico reported.

Reportedly, the political debate over the case has put the Biden administration in the “awkward” position of aligning with the Trump team over the issue of the records, Politico wrote.

The Solicitor General of the National Records, Elizabeth B. Prelogar, had previously told the Supreme Court justices that the courts did not have jurisdiction under the Constitution to enforce a statute in the law called the “seven members rule,” Politico reported. Prelogar then reportedly explained that Congress could not “dragoon” the courts into federal investigations. Perlogar explained the Constitutional provisions for the record petition in a Writ of Certiorari filed in 2022.

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