Supreme Court Issues Verdict on Nazi Art Case

Supreme Court Issues Verdict on Nazi Art Case

( – World War II has arguably shaped our recent history to a greater extent than any other single event or development. It concluded fewer than 80 years ago, which means many of the first-generation descendants of those involved are still alive. This has thrown up some disputes about the fair allocation of valuables that were lost or stolen during the conflict.

On Wednesday, February 3, the US Supreme Court delivered a disappointing result to applicants in a case surrounding a collection of religious relics that Jewish collectors were forced to sell in Germany in the 1930s. The collection currently sits in a public German museum, but the descendants of the original collectors believe they should be allowed to reclaim the artifacts. They filed a $250-million lawsuit against the German government in the American court system on this basis.

The Supreme Court ruled against their claim unanimously. Chief Justice John Roberts said the US justice system had no jurisdiction to order the German government to pay damages to the applicants.

It’s sad to see children of the Holocaust cheated by the Nazi regime even today. In this case, however, any other ruling would have set a problematic precedent possibly leaving Americans to be treated the same way in foreign courts.

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