Stevie Nicks Says Fleetwood Mac Is Done Touring

( – “You can’t replace her,” Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks said of Christine McVie, the iconic band’s keyboard player and vocalist, who died in 2022.

McVie’s death, Nicks said, is the reason she believes the band will no longer go on any tours.

“Without her (McVie), what is it? You know what I mean,” Nicks told Vulture.

McVie, who was 79 years old, died of a stroke last year but had also been battling cancer before her death. She last performed with the band in 2019 for Fleetwood Mac’s farewell concert. McVie had stopped touring with the band in 1998 due to a fear of flying.

Nicks said that performing without McVie would be different and alien to her, and said that to her, McVie wasn’t just a bandmate, but a “best friend” and “musical soul mate.”

“We were on our own in that band… We protected each other,” Nicks said.

Another reason Nicks says the band cannot perform without McVie was the fact that the latter was the heart and inspiration behind some of the band’s most iconic hits. Nicks explained that during McVie’s 18-year absence from the band, they took those songs out from performances during their tours.

“She wrote all those really super pop hits… We couldn’t re-create those songs,” Nicks explained.

Despite the non-existent prospect of a Fleetwood Mac tour, Nicks herself has been keeping busy, and is on a solo U.S. tour which includes events called “Two Icons, One Night,” where she performs with another American music icon, Billy Joel. Nicks’ tour is so successful that it has been extended to 2024.

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman has also released an LP box set that contains 16 records that contain her studio albums as well as a number of unreleased songs. She has also collaborated with Mattel to produce a Barbie Doll version of herself, where she sports the black dress she has on in cover of the bands’ “Rumours” record.

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