Steve Bannon Says Trump “Not Good Enough Right Now”

Steve Bannon Says Trump

( – Steve Bannon served as the top White House strategist in former President Donald Trump’s administration and was regarded as one of his top allies in the period following his presidential tenure. Now, however, as things are getting more difficult for the former president, Bannon has decided to distance himself.

In a highly unusual move for Bannon, he spoke critically of Trump during an episode of his “War Room” podcast. He stated the former POTUS isn’t doing enough to promote conservative interests and values right now.

Bannon stated the former president was too focused on posting on his Truth Social platform and not doing enough to prepare for a productive potential second term in the White House. He then moved on to discuss a massive spending bill currently in the works in Congress as well as a proposal to approve widespread amnesty for immigrants who have entered the US illegally, stating Trump needed to do more to oppose these efforts with a view toward his potential return to the Oval Office after the 2024 election.

Bannon is not the only conservative who has taken shots at Trump in recent weeks. A number of lawmakers and others have gone after him over his perceived role in Republican failures in the recent midterm elections.

Why do you think Steve Bannon has made this decision at this time?

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