State Leader Calls Out Democrat Election Reform

State Leader Calls Out Democrat Election Reform

( – The “For the People Act” of 2021, officially known as HR1, is causing an increasingly heated debate in Washington, DC. The bill aims to strip states of some of their power to execute elections as they see fit and allow the federal government to set out general standards in this regard. It also contains a raft of questionable measures allegedly designed to improve voter turnout, such as the legalization of ballot harvesting.

Understandably, many state leaders are unimpressed by the suggestion they’re incapable of overseeing electoral processes. On Tuesday, March 9, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the bill. He slammed its contents, accusing Democrats in the House of engaging in “crisis opportunism.”

LaRose pointed out that Ohio had had one of its most successful elections ever in terms of voter turnout. With this in mind, he said Washington’s lawmakers had no business attempting to “micromanage” elections in the state.

HR1 has already been approved by the Democrat-controlled House. However, it’s unlikely to bypass the Senate filibuster.

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