Staffer Fired by Rhode Island Governor for Statements on Israel-Hamas War

( – A council member of the Providence City Council claims that Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee fired him from his job at the governor’s office for his stand supporting a ceasefire in Gaza.

Miguel Sanchez, a first-term council member who also works as a constituent liaison for the governor’s office, claimed that he has supported a ceasefire in Gaza “since October 7” as he “condemns all violence against innocent civilians.” His removal from his post as a staffer for the governor, he says is due to his “public position on the atrocities in Gaza.” Sanchez has also called the Israeli retaliation against Hamas’ October 7 massacre as a “genocide.”

Sanchez says that he will continue to speak out against Israel’s “escalation” of its “massacre in Gaza” “regardless of personal consequences.” He also said that Governor McKee “won’t pressure me (Sanchez) into silence.” The Providence City council member has also attended pro-Palestinian rallies calling for a ceasefire in the region.

The office of the governor confirmed that Sanchez’ last day of work was October 27, and would not give any other details on the matter. The governor’s office also reiterated the McKee’s official position on the Israel-Hamas war, which condemns the “despicable acts of war and terrorism” conducted by Hamas on October 7. Furthermore, McKee is in lockstep with President Joe Biden’s position that says that “both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in safety and peace.”

McKee’s office also said that a senior staff member has spoken to Sanchez and that the “situation is under review.”

A number of Democratic state officials have voiced their support of Sanchez amid his contentious dismissal from the governor’s service, such as State Senator Sam Bell and State Senator Tiara Mack.

Senator Bell said that he “commends” Sanchez for his bravery in speaking out and called the governor’s decision to fire Sanchez “disappointing.”

Senator Mac, on the other hand, says she “stands in solidarity” with the Providence City council member and will “continue to fight alongside him” and others who want a ceasefire in Gaza.

Both McKee and Sanchez are Democrats.

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