Snoop Dogg Dupes Fans With Dramatic Announcement

( – A report shows that the amount of marijuana smoked by Snoop Dogg, 52, has been the subject of media attention for a long time, with his ‘roller’ alleging that the rapper consumes more than 100 joints every day.

Snoop later clarified the situation on Instagram, saying he only smoked eight joints in a single day, and the roller noted that she often rolls between a quarter and a half a pound each day but that this amount was shared with other clients as well.

Over the years, the rap artist has even peddled his own strain of cannabis.

The connection between Snoop and his weed is why his newest announcement declaring he was giving it up instantly went viral. Snoop claimed in a statement that he chose to quit smoking after giving it a lot of thought and talking it over with his family. After his public statement, he asked his fans to respect his privacy.

Snoop explained to a news outlet how being a grandpa has altered his perspective on family life. The main reason is that he’s worried about how he lives and the sort of people he’s affiliated with because he wants to watch his grandchildren grow.

In the comments section that followed his statement, some people expressed their support for Snoop’s choice, while others shared their own experiences of quitting marijuana use. Some wondered whether they had missed a joke.

Others questioned if the comment was made to attract attention ahead of the introduction of a new line of vape pens or consumables. Snoop’s D*gg lbs brand has been expanding into the e-cigarette market. Turns out that anybody suspicious of the announcement had the right gut feeling – Snoop Dogg is apparently not dropping smoking, but instead was just advertising for a new smokeless Solo Stove Firepit Bundle.

Snoop also claimed in 2002 that he intended to stop smoking joints since he didn’t feel he needed them anymore.

The American Lung Association warns that marijuana use may harm your lungs, weaken your immune system, and cause chronic bronchitis.

The existing data on marijuana vaping also reveals potential health hazards that may not make it preferable to smoking. The health and addiction hazards associated with regular marijuana use apply equally to edible forms of the drug.

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