Shooter Opens Fire in Texas Hospital

( – Around noon on Tuesday, July 25, police responded to a reported active shooting at the Methodist Family Health Center in Cedar Hill, Texas. Upon arriving at the scene, police say that officers found a “male victim on the ground” who had suffered a “gunshot wound.” He was later identified as a doctor at the clinic and was rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Upon arrival, police also saw the suspect leaving the medical clinic and described him as an adult black male carrying a “long gun” who then jumped into an SUV and fled the scene. Police chased after the suspect at this time, but he crashed his vehicle around two blocks from the scene of the shooting. At the time of wrecking his vehicle, the man was apprehended by five officers and was shot multiple times after he opened his vehicle door and tried to open fire on them. The suspect is currently in hospital in critical condition, but the doctor who was injured has already been released.

According to authorities, this assault that injured a doctor at the clinic had been “planned” beforehand by the suspect, who has also now been named as 34-year-old Bryan McGee. The medical clinic has not commented on details of the shooting, but police say they are fully investigating the shooting of the doctor at the clinic and the ensuing chase and shootout.

At this time police, say they believe the attack was carried out by McGee as a way to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend who worked at the medical clinic. Cedar Hill Police Chief Ely Reyes is praising the conduct of his officers who chased McGee down and engaged him, saying that their actions are “not an easy thing to do” and that he’s “proud of them” and will continue to put the department’s full “support” behind all who were involved. All officers who took part in the chase and shooting are on default temporary leave as required by department rules.

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