Sheriff Promotes Candidacy for Governor of New York

Sheriff Running for Governor of New York

( – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) might be entering the end of his time in office. Scandals have been swirling around him for months. The allegations his administration covered up COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, that he misused state resources, politicized the vaccine rollout and the accusations of sexual misconduct against multiple women have destroyed his popularity. Even if he survives the impeachment process currently underway, his chances in the 2022 gubernatorial race have been heavily diminished. There is even a formidable candidate running against him.

On Tuesday, May 11, OAN posted an interview with a leading conservative candidate in that race, Sheriff Mike Carpinelli of Upstate New York. Speaking to Caitlin Sinclair, Carpinelli discussed the damage the Democrats have wrought on America. He condemned the divisive rhetoric of Governor Cuomo and vowed, if elected, to return the state of New York to a system of “community policing” that had worked well in the past. This, he claimed, would foster a more productive relationship between law enforcement and ordinary citizens.

In the video below, you can see Carpinelli announcing his candidacy in the race in 2020.

Other conservative candidates in New York’s gubernatorial race include Rep. Lee Zeldin and former gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino. The question now is, are New Yorkers tired enough of the Cuomo scandals to give him the boot?

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