Sheriff Promises to Defend Second Amendment Rights as FBI Looks to Audit Gun Owners

Sheriff Promises to Defend Second Amendment Rights as FBI Looks to Audit Gun Owners

Sheriff DEFIES FBI – He’s Not Standing Down!

( – Many people believe the Second Amendment has been under attack since President Joe Biden took office. The POTUS has implemented a number of executive actions aiming to limit the rights and liberties of gun owners and vendors since he entered the Oval Office last year. While it’s impossible, technically speaking, for the president to overrule the authority of the US Constitution using just his executive powers, it appears the federal agencies under his control are trying to do it on his behalf.

FBI Audits Concealed Carry Permit-Holders in Missouri, Sheriff Says No

It has emerged that the FBI intends to carry out audits on holders of Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits in 24 Missouri counties in August. Agents will reportedly seek to unearth information about gun owners through the sheriffs in these counties (the ones subject to the planned probe have not been named). However, one sheriff has said he’ll do all he can to prevent the Bureau from taking this step.

In a report, Fox News Digital discussed the contents of a letter Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney (R) sent to individuals in his area regarding the planned FBI audit. Whitney said he will “not… release any CCW information” to federal agents, even if they threaten him with federal charges. Whitney also informed Fox he will move all sensitive CCW permit information to a secure location if it becomes the subject of a federal search warrant.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt was equally disturbed by this development. He wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray alleging that his agency’s plan “violates Missouri law” as well as the Second Amendment. He highlighted the fact that his state had resisted previous efforts by the Obama administration to gather information on gun owners by passing a law specifically barring such efforts by the federal government.

The Situation in California

Missouri isn’t the only state in which controversy of this nature has recently surfaced. California Attorney General Rob Bonta launched a Firearms Dashboard Portal for individuals in his state at the end of last month, a system he said would improve transparency around firearm use and ownership. However, the system had to be taken offline after a data breach exposed the sensitive information of gun owners.

Do you think Second Amendment rights are under threat in the United States? Should more state leaders challenge the Biden Administration’s attempts to suppress the liberties of their residents when it comes to gun ownership?

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