Shaving Company Under Fire for Advertising Trans Model

( – Shaving company, Braun, has found itself on the hot seat for “doing a Bud Light” as netizens discovered a shaving ad for the company that uses a trans model.

The advertisement is for the brand’s Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmers, which features a trans model with obvious double mastectomy (surgical breast removal) scars shaving himself with the product.

The company has since seen a large influx of criticism, particularly from conservatives, for its decision to include a trans man in advertisements for products used primarily by biological males. Some have even called the brand out for violating certain provisions of the Advertising Standards Authority that prohibits the “trivialization” or “glamourization” of cosmetic surgery.

Maya Forstater, a prominent development researcher and critic of modern gender identity who won a case in the U.K. that established that gender critical views were protected as a belief, called the ad “shockingly immoral,” besides the fact that it advertises the removal of healthy breast tissue for purely cosmetic reasons. She also said that the ad perpetuates the “terrible lie” that getting mastectomy and taking hormones can turn women into men.

James Esses, one of the founders of Thoughtful Therapists, an organization comprised of psychologists and counselors that have expressed concern about the impact of gender ideology on children and young people, said that the ad was simply a “virtue-signaling” move by the company “in pursuit of pure profit.” He also accused Braun of being “willing to glorify irreversible surgery” on the healthy women’s breasts, an act that he called “mindless,” “irresponsible,” and an example of “woke capitalism.”

Braun is owned by Proctor & Gamble. The global conglomerate earlier pandered to the woke crowd by having the words “women,” “girls,” and “females” removed from articles on menstruation periods – P&G also manufactures female hygiene products like sanitary napkins and tampons – to avoid offending trans people.

Earlier in the year, beer brand Bud Light suffered blows to both its reputation (as the “King” of beers) and bottom line after many of its former patrons turned away from the brand after it partnered with trans influence Dylan Mulvaney.

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