Several U.S. States Switching To Republican Supermajorities

( – Several U.S. states have been switching to Republican supermajorities as a result of recent elections. The North Carolina Representative Tricia Cotham has reportedly considered switching parties, in a move that will give Republicans a super-majority in the state, the Raleigh News and Observer reported.

Cotham’s move to the Republican Party and the shift in Carolina’s politics has been reflected across the United States. On April 5, the GOP lawmaker Republican Dan Knodl won an open Wisconsin Senate seat that now moves Wisconsin into a Republican supermajority, and could create a panel to impeach Wiscon’s governor, the Associated Press reported. The state of Wisconsin also continued to battle it out over a Supreme Court seat, The New York Times reported on April 3.

Supermajority votes have appeared following other motions in state legislators to censor Democrats. On April 3, Tennessee House Republicans took steps to expel three Democrats from the House, CNN reported. The motion to expel the Democratic lawmakers came after the three lawmakers hosted a protest on the House floor during legislative processing.

If the Democrats are expelled, Tennessee’s House of Representatives would reportedly become a single-party House for the first time in the state’s history. The House motioned to remove one of the representatives from their committee assignments following the events of the protest which was, in the view of the Tennessee legislators, disruptive.

In addition to Tennessee and Wisconsin, Florida also has a current Republican supermajority, following elections in November, the Miami Herald reported.

In March, the Florida Republican Senator Blaise Ingoglia introduced a bill aimed at eliminating the Florida Democratic Party, NBC News reported. The bill dubbed “The Ultimate Cancel Act” would decertify any party in Florida that had supported slavery. Historically the Democratic Party in Florida was a supporter of the Atlantic Slave Trade, whereas the Republican Party had formed around abolitionists.

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