Sean Hannity Calls Anti-Jim Jordan Republicans “Snowflakes”

( – Long-time Fox News host Sean Hannity has been trying to cajole House Republicans into uniting to back their nominee for speaker, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, but his efforts had failed several times, which ultimately resulted in him dropping out of the race for speaker.

On a recent episode of his show, Hannity told viewers of his efforts to have GOP members in Congress present a more united front, especially amid concerns on the national budget, as well as the continued violence in the Middle East.

“Why is it a shock… that yours truly, a member of the press, is daring to ask elected representatives… when they plan to wrap up the speaker battle,” Hannity said, emphasizing that the vote for speaker is an important one to make, given the current state of affairs.

The House has been without a Speaker since a few rogue Republican representatives headed by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, booted former speaker, California Representative Kevin McCarthy from the position. The post has been vacant since October 3. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a representative from Louisiana, was initially put forward as a nominee, but he withdrew less than 24 hours after winning the closed-door ballot among GOP members in the House. Scalise won against Jordan narrowly, and the GOP can only afford 4 dissenting members among their ranks to appoint a speaker.

There remain more holdouts within the party that are against Jordan’s appointment as speaker, despite the Ohio representative’s endorsement from former president Donald Trump; the former chief executive has also incidentally floated his name as a possible candidate for Speaker. Hannity has called the holdouts “sensitive little snowflakes” and has said that since the GOP holds the majority in Congress, “they need to act like it.”

After receiving criticism for his remarks, Hannity has doubled down on defending his actions, saying that he “offers no apologies” for “doing his job” in looking for answers from “elected public servants.”

A number of Republicans in the House have spoken out against Hannity’s efforts, such as Florida Representative Byron Donalds, who said that Hannity’s antics was “not what they needed.” Another congressman from Florida, Representative Mario Díaz-Balart, had stronger words against the Jordan and his supporters’ pressure campaign, saying that he would “shut off” efforts to pressure him Representative Carlos Gimenez, also from Florida, said that he would “stand his ground” and continue to support McCarthy “especially now, in the light of these pressure tactics.”

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