School Admin Faces Suit for Radical Suggestion

( – Bakersfield College Professor Daymon Johnson is suing his boss for saying conservatives should be forcibly restrained and taken “to the slaughterhouse.” Bakersfield College is part of California’s public school district system, which is also named in the lawsuit. The Institute for Free Speech is leading the lawsuit on Johnson’s behalf and claims infringement of his free speech rights via threatening and violent language. This occurred when Johnson expressed an opposing conservative viewpoint to the far-left views of his colleagues.

The dispute began when Johnson replied to an online comment from his colleague Andrew Bond that claimed America was a “piece of sh*t nation” and railed against former President Donald Trump. Bond’s online rant claimed that Trump was “projecting” when he called some poor countries around the world “sh*thole countries.” Johnson said he disagreed and accused Bond of being a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) who should try expressing this kind of attitude about China’s “Communist Party” while living in China “and see how much mileage it gets.”

Bond took offense to Johnson’s post and tried to get him fired for “harassment,” which led to Johnson facing an internal investigation and then self-censoring out of fear of losing his job. According to the lawsuit against Bakersfield, Johnson feared for his job because of statements from VP John Corkins saying about five percent of staff needed to be “culled” like “livestock” and “taken to the slaughterhouse” for not being fully onboard with Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) rules. Johnson was also afraid because Bakersfield College recently dismissed Professor Matthew Garrett for expressing concerns about the “anti-racist” far-left extremism being required of faculty members.

The lawsuit alleges Johnson has “special reason” for his “concern” about his career if he speaks his mind on politics and current events.

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