Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bring BIG Plans to the Table for GOP

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bring BIG Plans to the Table for GOP

( – Before being elected to her current role as the governor of Arkansas, Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the White House press secretary under former President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2019. She also worked on his presidential campaign as a senior advisor, and she’s the daughter of former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. She’s recently revealed she plans to do big, bold things with her time in the Arkansas gubernatorial mansion.

Sanders (40) was officially sworn in as governor on Tuesday, January 10. Before her inauguration, she spoke to Fox News Digital for an exclusive interview, speaking about her intentions for her new role and her ambitions for the state of Arkansas going forward.

Sanders’ first priority, she says, is the reform of education systems, which she hopes will have a “generational impact.” She mentioned the fact she has three school-aged children of her own, so she knows exactly how important it is to have a tailored approach to education that works for every kid. She noted public safety will be another key focus of her office going forward, and discussed a number of officials she has appointed to further her goals in this regard.

Though she clearly intends to make waves as a governor, Sanders had already made history before she crossed the threshold of her new office. She’s the first woman ever to serve as the governor of Arkansas, and also the youngest in that role in the country right now. Additionally, she told Fox News Digital she believes she and her father, Mike, are the only father-daughter pairing to hold the same governor’s office anywhere in United States history.

Ideas like those Sarah Huckabee Sanders is presenting could be the breath of fresh air the Republican Party needs to shake off its disappointing performance in the midterms and regroup ahead of the next general election in 2024.

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