Russian Sanctions Target Many Anti-Trump Americans

( – The Russian Federation has issued sanctions against U.S. government officials, and many of them are political rivals of former President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported. Russia has reportedly “gone after” former President Donald Trump’s enemies, which included a list of “500 names”, Newsweek reported. Some of the names that appeared on Russia’s sanctioned list reportedly did not appear to have “direct” contact with Russia.

A list of “notable Republicans” were also included in the sanctions. Among these were Ohio Representative J.D. Vance, and Arkansas Governor and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Newsweek reported.

Mainstream media has stated that Putin has used sanctions to “target” Trump’s perceived foes, MSNBC wrote. The list of 500 sanctions reportedly “did not make sense” in terms of enemies of the Kremlin, MSNBC wrote. The media wrote that the sanctions on the 500 listed individuals were because Trump “didn’t like” the individuals listed.

The names of people sanctioned by Russia included the New York Attorney General Letitia James. James has been publicly known as an enemy of the Trump family since filing a lawsuit against the Trump organization, which includes Trump and his children. The lawsuit is for alleged fraud and the damages sought come to $250 million. At the heart of this lawsuit is Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, Newsweek reported. Ivanka Trump, however, has asked for a delay of the civil trial, saying that she was not involved in its accusations, due to leaving the Trump Organization in 2017 to be part of her father’s presidential administration, Newsweek reported.

Other names reportedly included Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger and Special Counsel Jack Smith. Special Counsel Smith is leading the inquiry into Trump’s handling of classified documents upon leaving the White House.

The Trump-Russian collusion allegations have received renewed media attention following the release of the Durham Report. The over 300-page report stated that the investigation into Trump over alleged relationships with Russia was “extremely flawed,” the Associated Press reported.

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