Russia Claims It Will End Ukraine War Under Certain Conditions

Russia Claims It Will End Ukraine War Under Certain Conditions

( – As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, many are still desperately hoping for a nonviolent solution to the problems between the neighboring countries. The Kremlin has recently indicated there are circumstances under which Russia would consider halting its invasion of Ukraine, but these circumstances may not be palatable for Ukraine.

On Monday, March 7, Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said Russian leaders would give the order to stop the war immediately if Ukraine agreed to four concessions. These are:

  • A binding agreement from Ukraine not to join NATO,
  • Ukraine’s recognition of Crimea as Russian territory,
  • Ukraine’s recognition of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent regions, and
  • The cessation of all military action by Ukraine.

Peskov stressed Ukraine’s commitment not to join a bloc, such as NATO, should be constitutionalized. During the interview, he also repeated Russian President Vladimir Putin’s narrative that Russia’s military engagement in Ukraine was only necessary because Moscow was attempting to free Ukraine from its “neo-Nazi” leadership.

Ukrainian officials had not made any response to the demands from the Kremlin at the time of writing. However, they may be skeptical of Peskov’s claims given previous alleged misrepresentations from Moscow since the beginning of the war. Russian troops have allegedly violated the terms of ceasefire agreements on several occasions.

Do you think there’s a diplomatic solution that could end this war?

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