Russell Brand Accused of Assault

( – British comedian and celebrity Russell Brand has postponed his comedy tour dates in Britain and several organizations have put a “pause” on their working relationship with him following accusations that he sexually assaulted three women and raped another.

Streaming giant YouTube has suspended Brand’s channel, including its monetization feature following the allegations, while a book publisher that was set to release a book on overcoming addition said that it would put the book’s release on hold. Brand was also set to perform several shows in the U.K. as part of his “Bipolarisation” comedy series, but his promoters also postponed two scheduled shows while other show dates would be suspended.

In addition, The BBC is also looking into the allegations, especially since they involve programs produced by the network that Brand was a part of between 2004 and 2007.

Two of Brand’s accusers say that the incidents occurred in Los Angeles – one woman claims that the comedian raped her without wearing protection at his LA home and even attempted to keep her there. She was only able to get away after she told Brand that she needed to go to the bathroom. She also said she received help at a rape crisis center that same day – a fact that was verified by U.K. news outlet The Times, which initially released the report on the comedian’s alleged sexual crimes. Another woman said Brand sexually assaulted her while she was working with him in Los Angeles, and only relented after repeated rebuffs from the victim, but even then, she claimed Brand threatened legal action against her if she spoke of the incident to anyone.

Brands accusers in the U.K. allege that he engaged in “grooming” behavior with a minor (she was 16 years old at the time), all the while acting physically and emotionally abusive towards them.

The comedian has refuted all the accusations against him, calling them “bizarre” and “astonishing”, emphasizing that all his sexual relations in the past were completely consensual.

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