Rudy Giuliani Says He Is “Unable to Participate” in Trump Impeachment Trial

Rudy Giuliani Says He Is

( – Since the House passed an article of impeachment against President Trump on January 13, we’ve known a second impeachment trial would take place in the Senate. However, we know little more than that at this juncture. It’s not yet clear when the trial will begin, or who will represent Donald Trump.

There had been some confusion about whether Rudy Giuliani might serve on Trump’s legal team for the proceedings. The former NYC mayor stated he was involved as recently as a few days ago, but this was never confirmed by the Trump Administration. On Monday, January 18, Giuliani revealed he was, in fact, unable to serve as counsel on this case as he was a witness to the events concerned.

Giuliani has been a long-standing ally of the president, so this news is undoubtedly a blow for Trump. The good news is that there’s no shortage of capable lawyers who would be happy to represent him if called upon.

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