Ron DeSantis Reveals New Economic Policy

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis disclosed a new economic plan that among others, prioritizes dealing with China’s growing global economic influence and eases the process of using bankruptcy to discharge student loans.

DeSantis, who is a far second to former president Donald Trump in the race to be the GOP’s presidential nominee in the 2024 elections, called himself the “new sheriff” in town, vowing to fight with and for the middle class and working families against “the ruling class” and certain “people and institutions” that are the root cause of what he called “economic malaise.”

In his economic plan, called the “Declaration of Economic Independence,” the GOP presidential hopeful took aim at China, promising to end the US’ “abusive” relationship with the country, ban the import of fake goods, reverse “ever-increasing” trade deficits, and put a stop to China’s preferential trade status, among other things. He also said that he would prevent US companies from sharing “critical technologies” with China.

Also part of the economic plan was a reform of the educational system, where he pledged to spare taxpayers the burden of paying off student loans and instead hold universities “responsible or the loans their students accrue.”

DeSantis’ economic agenda also took aim at President Joe Biden, whose “ideological regulations” he called “job-crippling.” If elected president, the Florida Governor swore he would reverse these regulations on the first day of office.

The remarks in the economic plan come on the heels of Biden’s failure to cancel student debt – the Supreme Court recently nixed the president’s debt forgiveness plan, which would have seen up to $430 billion in student loans abolished.

Seen early on as the primary rival of Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, DeSantis and his campaign has recently seen hard times. Besides trailing Trump by 37 points in recent polls, the Florida governor had to axe one-third of his campaign staff after federal filings showed that the organization was spending its funds in an unsustainable manner. DeSantis has also come under fire for a controversial middle school social studies curriculum on Black history in Florida that indicated that slaves acquired skills during their forced labor that “could be applied for their personal benefit.”

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