Ron DeSantis’ Debate Strategy Leaks Before Event

( – The New York Times recently got ahold of a memo with suggestions for Ron DeSantis’ strategy for the 2023 GOP debate that look place on Wednesday: Defend the expectedly absent former president Donald Trump, attack President Joe Biden at least three to five times, and “take a sledgehammer” to Republican rising star Vivek Ramaswamy.

The NY Times procured the documents (which have since been deleted) directly from the website of Axiom Strategist, a company that is closely associated with “Never Back Down,” a pro-DeSantis Super PAC. The documents were reported as legit, with CNN Never Back Down founder Ken Cuccinelli saying that it was a “mistake” to post the memo given that people aren’t as familiar with DeSantis as they are with former president Trump.

For DeSantis’ part, he had dismissed the leak, saying that “the memo isn’t mine” and adding that he hasn’t read it. Another thing DeSantis is downplaying are his dismal poll numbers. He says that given the attacks he has been receiving from former president Trump, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, the media, and other Republican candidates, he is the “biggest threat” among all the other presidential hopefuls.

DeSantis added that he views the attacks on him as a form of “positive feedback,” and that he would be ready for the Republican debate.

The Florida governor’s team was also preparing to brace itself to bear the brunt of attacks from the other GOP presidential hopefuls, who they expected to level “false, desperate charges” against DeSantis in an attempt to “grab headlines by attacking the governor.” DeSantis seemingly did not face anywhere near the amount of firepower he thought he would during the event.

A recent poll shows that the governor, who is already trailing Trump, has fallen further and is now third place behind Ramaswamy, an biotech entrepreneur, conservative author, and Republican upstart who is starting to gain traction due to his newcomer status and refreshed patriotic ideals.

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