Ron DeSantis “Floundering” in Early Polls, Delivered “Boring” London Speech

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly “floundering” across early Republican primary polls, CNN reported. CNN referenced polls made by Fox News as well as the “latest average” of national polls.

DeSantis’ potential presidential campaign has had trouble early on. In March, a super PAC aligned with former President Donald Trump filed an ethics complaint against DeSantis which was ultimately denied by the Florida ethics board, NBC reported. Then, DeSantis began to lose support from Florida Republicans to Trump. Likewise, DeSantis’ campaign against Disney received criticism from his peers in the Republican party, as his peers stated that they did not view DeSantis as “conservative” for bringing government into business.

However, DeSantis cannot politically afford to halt his feud with Disney, political analysts have reasoned. The fight DeSantis is putting up against Disney is on brand with his so-called “war on woke.” Because DeSantis “picked a fight” with what political analysts rationalized as a “bully” figure in the form of the Disney corporation, he has to see it through to the end to escape further political humiliation.

When DeSantis established a Florida government-selected board to oversee Disney’s development zone, Disney entered into a contract with that zone to limit the powers of the newly appointed board. This agreement was challenged by DeSantis and Florida who claimed that it was politically motivated. This led Disney to file a lawsuit against DeSantis and the Florida government for abuse of power. Following this lawsuit, the Florida board voted to “counter-sue” the Disney company as the feud continued, CNN and NBC reported. The Florida board counter lawsuit came one week after Disney sued the board, NBC reported.

DeSantis continued to draw criticism from his party, including the former president, for not only his continued conflict with Disney, but also his political performance. On April 30, Business Insider reported that DeSantis had delivered a “low-wattage” and “horrendous” speech in London. The speech was criticized as “boring,” taking place at the same time that DeSantis has begun to sink in hypothetical presidential campaign polls.

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