Ron DeSantis Donors Have a Shady Past

( – Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is under scrutiny after the exposure of a leftist background among one of his top supporters. Morteza Hosseini is a prominent donor to the DeSantis campaign, but he has a history of donating to Democrats including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Trump impeachment orchestrator, Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin. Hosseini has also reportedly donated large sums to the Iranian American Political Action Committee (PAAIA) which gave big bucks to PACs supporting Hillary Clinton and disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner.

According to its website, the PAAIA is dedicated to backing candidates who care about Iranian Americans and is a “bipartisan PAC.” The group hasn’t given much to Republicans apart from smaller sums to Trump opponents such as Paul Ryan, anti-Trump Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Congressman Ben Sasse of Nebraska. The group issued condemnations of Trump’s travel prohibitions on various Muslim nations including Iran and criticized Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

Hosseini and his wife Forough were appointed by DeSantis to the Children and Youth administration of Florida four years ago and Hosseini still serves on PAAIA’s board. Hosseini is also chair of the UF (University of Florida) board where he’s served since 2018. Hosseini helped in the process of keeping UF open during the pandemic in accordance with DeSantis’ wishes. Hosseini also aided in resisting a vaccine mandate for Florida students, leading to criticism from the left for his support of DeSantis.

Hosseini lives with his wife and three daughters in Ormond Beach, Florida and serves on numerous boards and trusteeships. He has been recognized for his philanthropy and community involvement by numerous organizations including Habitat for Humanity. He heads one of Florida’s largest real estate development companies ICI Homes, as well as a timber company and insurance provider in Florida. He is a close ally of DeSantis. Hosseini often allows the Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate to borrow his jet.

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