Ron DeSantis Defeats Woke Textbook Companies

Ron DeSantis Defeats Woke Textbook Companies

Ron DeSantis Wins SURPRISE Victory – Look Who’s Caving Now!

( – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself as a firm opponent of liberal overreach, wherever he happened to come across it. Most recently, this has put him at odds with the publishers of school textbooks in his state. Some of the publishers were using their books to further liberal agendas like critical race theory (CRT), but DeSantis was having none of it.

DeSantis Wins the Fight Against Ultra-Liberal School Textbooks

According to the Gateway Pundit, earlier this year, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) refused to approve 54 math textbooks due for circulation in the next school year. The DOE stated the books contained material aimed to “indoctrinate” the young people reading them. Specifically, the texts used points related to critical race theory (such as the statistical prevalence of racial bias) to explain various mathematical concepts.

Predictably, commentators on the Left criticized the move, claiming it was unnecessary. There was initially some confusion over why it happened, considering the fact there’s no obvious close relationship between critical race theory and mathematics. Now, the Florida Department of Education has released some examples of the offending material, and the reason for the rejections has become clear.

In one example, you can see graphs entitled “Measuring Racial Prejudice, by Age” and “Measuring Racial Prejudice, by Political Identification.” The second graph claims Conservatives are more racially biased than Liberals, with those in the “Moderately Conservative” camp apparently being the most racist of all. Another highlighted passage discusses the Implicit Association Test, which allegedly lets people check the extent of their “racial prejudice” online.

Two more flagged excerpts discuss the objectives of the lessons the math books in question are attempting to teach students. One refers to “proficiency with social awareness,” while the other focuses on “social and emotional learning.”

According to the Florida DOE, books intended for grade levels K-5 were the most problematic. A staggering 71% of the texts were reportedly inappropriate for one reason or another.

Publishers Cave, Change Material in Their Books

According to the Gateway Pundit’s report, a number of the 54 rejected texts have now changed in light of the Department of Education’s guidance. Nineteen rejected books are now compliant with the DOE’s requirements and are scheduled to be published and distributed to Florida’s students. Supporters of DeSantis will doubtless view this as a big win for the conservative governor.

Do you think it’s appropriate for educators to use critical race theory and other similar concepts to teach young people about math?

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