Ron DeSantis Campaign Close To Being Over

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has faced tough challenges since the launch of his presidential campaign, from technical difficulties during his official announcement on Twitter to his collapsing approval rating in his own state. Now he has a new critic who believes that it is time for him to throw in the towel. Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan told CBS that he believes DeSantis’ campaign is “one of the worst I have seen so far,” adding that his campaign “dropped like a rock” shortly after his announcement.

Hogan noted that DeSantis’ campaign raked in a massive amount of donations over the first few days, but slowly fizzled out after that. He expressed his belief that DeSantis began making poor choices after he was re-elected in 2022, which caused his approval rating to suffer. Hogan brought up the battle between DeSantis and Disney, claiming that he did not handle the situation well, which was a turn-off for voters who were considering throwing their support behind him instead of former President Trump.

Although DeSantis is the only candidate polling above single digits, he likely has no chance of beating the former president, who is leading him in the polls by nearly forty percentage points. Trump began attacking DeSantis early on, even before he announced he was planning to challenge him in the primaries. DeSantis only began his criticism of Trump after he was officially in the race. Both candidates have a negative favorability rating, and only three candidates in the Democrat and Republican primary pool are viewed in a positive light. Republican candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, along with Democrat candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. enjoy a 7%, 8%, and 19% favorability rating, respectively. Both of their campaigns have been considered to be a long shot, but Ramaswamy has claimed that he is performing better than former President Trump was at this point in the race, and Kennedy has attracted large crowds to his events in person and online. While there are many months until the primary elections begin, DeSantis and others have a lot of ground to gain if they want to be considered serious challengers to former President Trump and current President Joe Biden.

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