Rob Reiner Condemns Third Party American Voters

( – Outspoken director, filmmaker, and actor Rob Reiner has long been a critic – which is putting it lightly – of former president Donald Trump, but recently he has taken aim at people who would ostensibly vote Independent in the upcoming presidential elections next year.

In a rant on Twitter/X, Reiner said that people who vote for “No Labels” or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein, are effectively votes for Trump. A few days later, he doubled down on his claims, saying that any other vote except for President Joe Biden would effectively “destroy American democracy.”

Reiner is also promoting a podcast that seems to thrive on controversial views and topics – one promotion, also posted on Twitter says that the actor has “solved” the mystery of the assassination of the late president John F. Kennedy.

While it is common for many in the Hollywood entertainment industry to generally be supporters of the Democratic Party, not everyone agreed with Reiner’s assessment of things. For one, actress and one-time TV host Roseanne Barr tweeted back that a vote for Biden shows support for Iran, China, and war. Her post closed with the statement, “The only vote for America is a vote for a Donald Trump.”

While the primaries for both parties have not yet produced definitive presidential candidates for the Republicans and Democrats, many believe that next year’s presidential election will once again be a contest between Biden and Trump. However, polls have shown them to both suffer from poor support from American voters in general. Poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight puts Biden’s disapproval rating at 55.0% (with only 39.4% approval), while Trump has a 53.1% disapproval rating while a lesser 42.1% of voters say they view the former commander-in-chief in a favorable light.

Reiner rose to fame from his direction of films such as the cult classic “The Princess Bride,” as well as roles in TV sitcoms such as All in the Family.

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