Rivals Criticize Ron DeSantis Over Feud With Walt Disney

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Corporation remain locked in a political battle that DeSantis’ rivals criticize, Axios reported. Former President Donald Trump and other potential Presidential 2024 Republican candidates slammed DeSantis for his actions toward Disney.

Trump took to his Truth Social media platform to comment on this situation, saying that, in his view, DeSantis was being “completely destroyed” by Disney. Former New Jersey Governor and possible Republican primaries contender Chris Christie explained that, from the conservative perspective, the government should be kept out of business. For that reason, Christie does not believe that DeSantis is truly a conservative.

DeSantis’ feud with Walt Disney began over legislation his critics dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would bar teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity for Kindergarten through the third grade, the Associated Press explained. Disney’s criticism of the bill is reportedly believed to be the reason for DeSantis’ new actions against the company, and his attempt to strip the company of the special self-governing privileges over the area where its theme park is located in Orlando.

In an attempt to strip the Disney company of autonomy in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the Florida government established a government-appointed board over the area.

Before the newly appointed board could assume responsibility over the area, however, the Walt Disney Company stripped the Reedy Creek board of directors of their executive powers. This agreement was based on the royal lives clause. The royal lives clause is a line of text in the contract that means the contract will last for the entire lifetime of King Charles III and his descendants, or until “21 years after the death of the last heir of King Charles III,” CNBC reported in March.

As DeSantis explored options to appeal the Walt Disney contract loophole, the governor publicly stated he would seek to put a state penitentiary next to the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida, Business Insider reported. This was part of what Business Insider referred to as a “slew of reprisals” DeSantis intended for the theme park, including passing state legislation to enforce ride inspections. These reprisal remarks were described as “joking” by Orlando Sentinel.

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