Riots Lead to Mass Arrests in Minnesota

Riots Lead to Mass Arrests in Minnesota

( – Not even a year on from the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota, another incident has plunged the state into disarray once again. On Sunday, April 11, Daunte Wright lost his life during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center (a suburb of Minneapolis) when a police officer attempting to detain him allegedly discharged her firearm accidentally.

Kim Potter, a 26-year law enforcement veteran, appeared to mistake her main weapon for her Taser, inadvertently shooting and killing Wright. Potter reportedly fled her home after her address was leaked on social media. She’s since been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Public Unrest in Minnesota

Unsurprisingly, Wright’s death has triggered a wave of public disturbance in Minnesota. On the night of Wednesday, April 14, 24 people were arrested in Brooklyn Center on the fourth night of unrest in the city. Demonstrators reportedly surrounded the local police station, erecting barricades and throwing projectiles at law enforcement officers. Reports suggest most of those arrested did not reside in Brooklyn Center.

The scenes on Wednesday were subdued by standards set earlier in the week; on Tuesday, 60 people were arrested. However, there was no looting on either night.

Floyd Trial Ongoing

The Twin Cities area of Minnesota is still reeling from the death of George Floyd. That event last May was the catalyst for weeks of violent disturbances across America. The trial of Derek Chauvin, the man accused of killing Floyd, is currently ongoing in Minneapolis. The court is currently in the process of hearing submissions from the defense team. Closing arguments could be heard as early as Monday, April 19.

Daunte Wright’s death marks another tragic chapter in the history of a city still struggling to come to terms with the Floyd case, as well as the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. What happened requires (and will doubtless receive) a thorough investigation. However, protesters need to realize that weeks of violent disturbances are not what’s required for the proper administration of justice.

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