Riker’s Island Staffer Attacked by Inmate

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A prison guard at Rikers Island Penitentiary was rushed to hospital on Tuesday, July 25 after being slashed by an inmate. According to reports, the guard was attacked around 3 p.m. in the afternoon and taken to Elmhurt Hospital. His condition is listed as stable, and the shank attack was condemned by Department of Corrections Commissioner Louis Molina who said that violence by “noncompliant individuals will not be tolerated” and noting that the convict who attacked the guard will be “rearrested” for this crime.

Rikers Island Penitentiary complex is one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States with 19 deaths in the jail last year and many more violent incidents recorded, including seven deaths already this year. The slashing incident is currently being investigated by authorities and comes as Rikers Island is awash in controversy and problems. Just recently, two prison guards at Rikers were put on leave for unspecified “violations” after controversy surrounding inmate Curtis Davis’s untimely death on Sunday, July 23. Davis was in jail on bond for illegal weapons possession and assault charges. According to reports, these guards are on leave because they weren’t making their rounds as required in their job description.

Just previous to this slashing incident, another attack occurred on the evening of Saturday, July 22 when a convict was being taken from the medical clinic back to his cell. In this previous incident on Saturday, the convict Michael Megginson tore a sink from the wall of the area he was being taken to be hosed down before being returned to his cell and then broke loose a pipe from the sink and ran at officers to hit them with it, stabbing one in the arm and buttocks. The second incident on Tuesday was allegedly done by inmate Lamar Evans, who responded to commands to let go of the shank he had after being discovered in contravention of prison rules by attacking the prison guard, leading to non-life-threatening injuries.

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