Richard Dawkins Slams Transgender Ideology

( – Liberal and prominent atheist, Richard Dawkins, has come under fire once again for making a number of controversial and scathing remarks on transgender culture.

The famed evolutionary biologist and author has come under fire for calling transgender ideology “distinctly weird” and continued to describe the phenomenon as an “odd distortion of reality” in a conversation with journalist and author Helen Joyce. The comments were part of a recent episode of “The Poetry of Reality,” Dawkins’ podcast. He also said that while he was willing to refer to trans people by their preferred pronouns out of “politeness,” their insistence in saying “I am a woman” was a “debauchery of language,” further stressing that “sex is really binary.” Dawkins went on to accuse the trans movement of furthering gender stereotypes like “girls like pink and boys like blue”.

This is not the first time Dawkins has drawn flak for comments deemed as anti-trans. Earlier in the year, he denounced LGBTQ+ activists for “bullying” people like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, and feminist, philosopher, and academic Kathleen Stock who, like himself, have voiced their support of the biological designations of man and woman. “As a biologist, there are two sexes and that’s all there is to it,” Dawkins said.

In another interview this year, he once again had colorful language to describe a move to avoid the use of words like “man” and “woman,” saying that the only possible response to such a move is “contemptuous ridicule.”

He also became a victim of woke cancel culture a few years back after the American Humanist Association withdrew the former’s Humanist of the Year award after he made a number of controversial remarks the AHA felt were “demeaning” to marginalized groups.

The organization gave Dawkins the distinction way back in 1996 and cited a tweet posted in 2021 as the reason it was withdrawing the award. In the said tweet, Dawkins compared trans people to Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who styled herself as an activist for Black rights while also posing as a black woman for many years.

Dawkins, the author of “The Selfish Gene” and the “God Delusion,” has long been a favorite personality among progressives and liberals primarily because of his ardent opposition to organized religion and the concept of God, calling instead for the embracing of scientific thought and development.

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