RFK Jr. Makes Huge Announcement, Wants New Declaration of Independence

Three Democrats Abandon Party in Ominous New Trend

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced that he will continue his campaign to be the next president of the United States, but this time independent from either the Democratic or Republican parties.

RFK Jr., who was previously among the Democratic aspirants for the party’s presidential nomination, said that he wants to “spoil it” for both President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump, the current frontrunners for their respective parties. Kennedy, who also belongs to one of the oldest and likely the longest-running American political dynasties, said that he wants to have a “new declaration of independence” – from both the conservative and liberal parties, as well as from corporations and the media.

Since the announcement of his candidacy, Kennedy has struggled in the polls, consistently showing poor numbers. And despite previously running under the Democratic banner, polling showed that he was preferred more by conservative voters rather than liberal ones. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, is also an outspoken proponent of anti-vaccination and frequently cites conspiracy theories and myths on vaccination that have already been debunked.

Despite previously receiving praise from former president Trump who has said, “I like him a lot,” the campaign of the former commander-in-chief slammed RFK Jr.’s decision to run as an independent. Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, said that Kennedy was “deceiving” voters by “pretending to have conservative values” and was merely launching a “vanity project” that is “looking to cash in on his family’s name.”

Hundreds of disillusioned voters – from both the Republican and Democratic parties – attended Kennedy’s rally where he announced his independent bid for president, a testament to the general discontent Americans have towards what is looking to be another Biden vs. Trump election next year. Given that fact, Kennedy’s run is expected to impact the race, as he could pull critical votes away from both Democrats and Republicans – Trump and Biden have largely similar and dismal approval ratings, so another contest between the two is expected to be even closer than their previous contest in 2020.

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