Residents Rally After Massive Invasion

( – The Fort Lauderdale, Florida suburb of Wilton Manors is dealing with an unprecedented invasion of four-legged furry creatures after a local breeder broke the law and let her rabbits go free. At this time, a fundraiser is underway by Wilton Manors resident Alicia Griggs with a minimum goal of $20,000 to try to find all the roaming rabbits and get them neutered, vaccinated and living in shelters that can care for them. These lionhead rabbits are a particular breed with a lion-like mane of hair around their heads.

The rabbits have been increasing in population since being let free around two years ago by a breeder, and Griggs says that attempts to get the floppy-eared fellows “rescued” by the city has only led to them “dragging their feet.” Griggs believes the city doesn’t want to respond because it would set a precedent where they might face increased pressure to also respond to iguanas, Burmese pythons, African snails, lionfish, and other creatures that are common around area neighborhoods and also damage property. Right now, there are an estimated 100 lionhead rabbits roaming around the neighborhood of Jenada Isles in the Wilton Manors suburb of Fort Lauderdale.

Residents are reportedly frustrated by some of the actions of these rabbits including them digging burrows around the area, chewing and damaging electrical wiring in the neighborhood, and relieving themselves on the sidewalk and on people’s lawns. Resident Jon King said he’s had to pay out about $200 to fix his outside lighting system due to the rabbits and said that rabbit spray he bought didn’t work and his small dog has become “best friends” with the rabbits instead of scaring them off.

The city is also concerned that the rabbits could continue to breed and begin becoming a danger on major roads in the area as well, although Florida’s Fish and Wildlife conservation department says it won’t get involved. For its part, head of police Gary Blocker says that the police are committed to giving “the necessary care and love” to the rabbits to find them a home.

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