Republicans Slam McConnell Over Rushed Omnibus Bill

Republicans Slam McConnell Over Rushed Omnibus Bill

( – The Senate’s top Republican is facing criticism after he helped the Biden administration pass a massive spending bill. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already lost a lot of support after turning against former president Donald Trump. Now he’s being accused of turning against his Senate colleagues, too.

On December 22, the Senate voted 68-29 to pass a massive omnibus spending bill worth nearly $1.7 trillion. All 48 Dems plus two independents voted in favor of the bill — 18 Republicans (including McConnell) voted with them. However, Trump had urged GOP senators to vote against it — and, in the end, over half of them did.

Two senators, Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Mike Lee (R-UT), have been particularly critical of McConnell. Both wanted him to delay the omnibus bill until January when Republicans will control the House. Instead, the lame-duck Democrat majority rammed it through on Friday. Lee thinks McConnell allowed the Dems to pass the bill to slap down his fellow conservatives, accusing the GOP leadership of turning on the party’s voters and electoral base as well as the majority of its senators.

House Republicans have also joined the criticism after GOP representatives unanimously voted against Biden’s latest spending splurge. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed the senators who voted with Dems to pass the bill, and two of his colleagues have sworn to vote against any bill introduced by those Republican senators. At a time when the GOP needs to be unified, controversy over McConnell’s actions threatens to tear it apart.

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