Republican Voter Says They Would Vote for a Dead Biden Over Trump

( – NBC News spoke to a couple of swing voters in Pennsylvania, who told the news outlet that they were “depressed” at the growing prospect of another presidential contest between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

One of the voters, like Samantha Cieslinski, told the news outlet that she typically votes Republican, but said she felt “hypocritical” to have voted for Trump in the past, and said that her “moral compass” makes it difficult for her to vote for either Trump or Biden.

Another voter, Al Brown, who also says he is a Republican, told the news outlet that he feels stuck to choosing a president that is “approaching senility if not already in the middle of senility.” However, if forced to make a choice between the two, Brown said that he would vote for Biden, even if the president were “dead,” because he feels that a vote for Biden would better support Democracy in the county.

With the primaries for both parties still a couple of months away, polls seem to reflect these voters’ sentiments. At the middle of the year, just after Biden announced his intention to run for a second term, American voters said that they were dissatisfied with what might just turn out to be a part two of Biden vs. Trump. While voters for both sides said that they would stick to their party’s respective nominees if push comes to shove, polling at that time also indicated that 70% of Americans said that they did not want Biden to seek re-election, while 60% said the same about the former commander-in-chief.

That sentiment has persisted. Poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight show little difference between Biden and Trump’s disapproval numbers, which currently stand at 53.8% and 55.1%, respectively. Their approval numbers are both pretty low as well, and not too far apart either – Biden has a 39.6% approval rating, while Trump’s is at 40.4%.

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