Republican Rep. Ken Buck Retires, Slams GOP on the Way Out

( – Republican Colorado Representative Ken Buck announced that he will be retiring and will no longer be running for re-election next year, as he criticized the Republican Party for perpetuating “self-serving lies.”

In a video addressed to his supporters, Buck bemoaned the loss of the old Republican Party, saying that the “immutable truths about human nature individual liberty and economic freedoms” have always served as fuel for the party – as opposed to the current GOP, which he said is characterized by the ignorance of “self-evident truths” regarding “the rule of law and limited government.”

He also criticized the GOP for continuing to spread the “big lie” – the claim that the Democrats and President Joe Biden “stole” the election in 2020 (a claim that has no evidence to support it) – as well as for trivializing the January 6 storming of the Capitol. He called the claims and the actions of many in his party “insidious narratives” and said that these only served to “erode Americans’ confidence in the rule of law.”

Buck is one of a few Republicans who are critical of former president Donald Trump and the influence he continues to wield within the party. He was among the roughly two dozen House GOP members who did not support then GOP speaker nominee Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who, despite receiving a glowing endorsement from the former chief executive, was ultimately forced to drop out of the speakership race. Buck eventually supported Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson, who was eventually elected speaker of the House.

The Colorado representative has also butted heads with fellow conservatives over his opposition to the impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Writing an op-ed for The Washington Post, Buck said the impeachment proceedings instigated by his colleagues was based “on an imagined history.”

Buck said that he plans to pursue positions outside of politics, and indicated that he is interested in working for Fox News, CNN, or Newsmax.

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