Republican RAIDED by FBI – Home Surrounded!

FBI Raids Republican's Home, Arrests Him

FBI Raids Republican’s Home, Arrests Him

( – Since the August 8 FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, there has been much debate over whether the operation may have been politically motivated. In a development that may cast even more doubt on the Bureau’s impartiality, it has just executed a raid on another high-profile conservative.

On the morning of Friday, September 23, an FBI SWAT team descended on the home of pro-life activist Mark Houck and his wife, Ryan-Marie Houck, and seven children in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Between 25-30 agents reportedly entered the Houcks’ property, with some brandishing weapons in view of the children.

According to a statement given by Ryan-Marie Houck to LifeSite, the agents running the operation said they were there to arrest her husband “whether they had a warrant or not.” An agent subsequently showed her the first page of an arrest warrant. The operation was reportedly in connection with an alleged Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACT) Act violation by Mark Houck.

Houck is a sidewalk counselor who frequently travels to Philadelphia to provide lengthy counseling sessions outside two abortion clinics in the city. He also runs a nonprofit that helps victims of pornography addiction to overcome the issue.

Do you think this latest raid shows there’s political bias in the operations of the FBI?

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