Republican Cross-Dresser Ends His Life After News Outlet Shares His Photos

( – A mayor and pastor from a small city in Alabama ended his life after a conservative news website outed him as a cross-dresser and author of erotic fiction.

F.L. “Bubba” Copeland, a 49-year-old husband and father from Smiths Station, Alabama, was revealed to have photographed himself in women’s clothing by 1819 News, a website associated with the Alabama Policy Institute. The website apparently discovered Copeland’s multiple social media accounts on Reddit and Instagram where he posted his cross-dressing pictures under a pseudonym. He also posted erotic fiction on Scribd.

Copeland used the name “Brittini Blaire Summerlin” in the posts, and described himself as a “Transitioning Transgender Curvy Girl.” He claimed that he was transgender and was undergoing a medical transition process. However, he told 1819 that this was untrue, and that his social media posts were simply a “private hobby” he did “to relieve stress.” Copeland said his wife was aware of his penchant for privately wearing women’s clothing and makeup.

The mayor and pastor also told the conservative news blog that his private activities “has nothing to do” with his “holy life,” also saying that his “hobby” had no bearing whatsoever on his performance and duties as a pastor and mayor. Copeland was apparently well-respected in the community and was even instrumental in relief efforts during a 2019 tornado that hit the area – which also earned him some face time with then president Donald Trump.

The accounts were deleted after 1819 broke the news about them. Copeland also reportedly asked the news blog to not publish the story about him.

Copeland shot himself in front of police when officers conducted a welfare check on him.

A few days prior, Copeland told his congregation at First Baptist Church that he was subject to an “internet attack.” He did not provide any details but only said that he took some pictures with his wife “in the privacy of our home.” He then apologized to church members for “any embarrassment” his “private and personal life” could have caused.

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