Reports Reveal Iran Has Accelerated Development of Enriched Uranium

Reports Reveal Iran Has Accelerated Development of Enriched Uranium

( – Iran’s nuclear program continues to cause headaches for leaders in the West, particularly the US. The Middle Eastern nation has begun to stray further and further away from the terms agreed in the JCPOA, the Obama-era nuclear deal former President Donald Trump withdrew the US from in 2018. Now, we have a clearer picture of exactly how Iran is seeking to develop its nuclear capabilities.

On Wednesday, April 7, the country’s authorities revealed it has produced 55kg of “highly enriched” uranium (this term describes uranium enriched to 20% or more). This number indicates Iran has been producing it at a quicker rate than the 10kg per month required by a law the country passed last year.

Uranium is considered weapons-grade at 90% enrichment; enrichment to 20% is an important step toward hitting that target if that is Iran’s goal.

Meanwhile, Iranian and US representatives engaged in indirect negotiations in Vienna on Tuesday around the potential revival of the JCPOA, just a day before this news broke. The talks were described as “constructive.” A group of Republican senators recently asked Biden to stop trying to re-enter into the nuclear deal, pointing out the danger of it and telling the president they’d like to work with him on his Iranian policy. The administration has not yet responded to their pleas.

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