Reality TV Star and Influencer Dies After Liposuction Procedure

( – Luana Andrade, a Brazilian influencer, model, and reality TV star died while undergoing a liposuction procedure in São Paulo, Brazil. She was only 29.

A local hospital listed her cause of death as a pulmonary embolism, which she suffered while the popular fat-reduction surgery was being done on her.

Local news outlet Globo said that the Instagram model went into cardiac arrest after being on the operating table for more than two hours. Medical personnel were able to resuscitate her, but later tests at the hospital revealed that she had a massive thrombosis – blood clots that block arteries or veins. She was transferred to the ICU where she received “medication and hemodynamic treatment” but eventually expired a day after.

The procedure was reportedly done by a “private surgeon and anesthetist hired by the family.”

Massive pulmonary embolism is reportedly one of the most common causes of death patients risk when undergoing liposuction surgery.

Andrade rose to fame in 2022 when she participated in Power Couple Brasil 6, a Brazilian reality TV show. She joined the show with her boyfriend João Hadad. She has since become an influencer and fitness model, with roughly half a million followers on Instagram.

Hadad, who is also a very popular online influencer, has posted a tribute to Andrade on Instagram, writing that he is “living my biggest nightmare” as he deals with the loss. “Goodbye to my Luana, my princess, my beauty,” the post also read.

“A part of me is gone,” Hadad told his more than 900,000 followers on Instagram. He also said that he has “great regret and much pain” adding that he does not know “when or if I will ever come to terms” with Andrade’s death. “I will love you always and forever,” Hadad also wrote.

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